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Post chemical... still nothing...

So i had my second chemical 28th July and a heavy flow for five days. Started retemping last week because I hadnt come on yet and as i've hit the 50 day mark, i thought i'd look. can someone have a look at my temp?

i had this before.

Feb 15th period
March 20th BFP
April 4th Period (Chemical)
June 12th Period
July 26th BFP
July 28th Period (Chemical)

so each time i've ovulated, i've got pregnant. I dont know if i have ovulated so far though and i tested yesterday so BFN

Have a look, what does it mean?

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looks like u might have Ov either yesterday or cd 50 but without prior temps hard to tell, cd 20 could have also been a pre O dip, so it would be to early to test. But thats how i see it, someone else might think differently, the only thing is wait and see.

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Thanks hun - My temp is a lot higher today so you might well be right!

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temps still up a bit... not sure though if my crosshairs are right?
can anyone look and tell me? also nips are constantly hard.. like last time, but i know it would be too early...?

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it's really hard to tell without having more info for a coverline, but your temps look good....sorry i dont' have more imput

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I had a massive temp drop at 6dpo, and its risen the teeniest of bits. Nipples are slightly sore, nothing major to write about. looks like i'm 7dpo today, so one week i guess...

I got a reading in april, and gail said september bfp with a boy, which i thought at the time, bullshit, thats ages away, but i guess we'll find out. xxx