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Please help! What does this mean??? OPKs

Hi, ladies. I noticed I had ewcm exceptionally early (for me) this cycle . So I took an opk when I got home from work and it was positive (day 12). I took it again the next day and it was negative in both the am and pm (day 13). Negative the next day (day 14) (am and pm). I took it again the next day (day 15) and it was positive in the am and negative in the pm. And my temperatures are ******* this month. Unusually high early in my cycle. In fact, the day I notice the ewcm and got the first positive was the highest temperature I've had all month (freakishly high) and now I can't get over the cover line for charting. Please help?!? Have I ovulated??? Why two positives with negatives in between and the funky temperatures??? This is the last month of trying before I'm officially over the year mark and they're sending us for treatment after this. Can't believe this happened.

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have you got a link to your chart?

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Are you taking your temp at the same time each morning as soon as you wake up, before getting up or speaking, with a bbt? If not, that can greatly influence your temps causing them to be inaccurate. If you ovulated earlier in your cycle, you wouldn't be getting a pos opk now or had fertile cm afterwards. I'd go by your opks and see what your temps do. Can you post a link to your chart? xx

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