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Will a vaginal ultrasound interfere with ovulation?

Sorry I have a stupid question. I am going for a tranvaginal ultrasound on Monday, the 3rd. I have been spotting prior to periods and she just wants to do a little check inside to be on the safe side.I will be ovulating the 4th. Will this procedure have any affect on my ovulation. Also, if she uses lube to insert it should I ask her to use preseed?

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I dont see how that could possibly mess with your ovulation.. Ovulation is a hormonal thing, so since you are not doing anything to mess with your hormones while doing the ultrasound, it really doesnt even make sense that it could..

I think you will be fine with whatever lube she uses, but if you want I would ask her to use it. You may want to bring it with you, she is likely not going to have it there.

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