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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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pregnancy test with a white line

i took a test 5 days before my peroid was due and a white line and a purple line came up as soon as i peeped on the test (i used thid brand when i first got pregnant and dont remember ever seeing a white line) my peroid is due tomorrow and this morning i had a brownish mucus chunk i have been feeling naeuase on and off last week and morning i woke up puking for three hours i have google for hours and nothing clear to point at i just started to have slight cramps today i have had bad gas like i did last time i was pregnant. am i pregnant or am i over thinking it ?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Didn't you read the instructions? There should be two PURPLE lines if you are pregnant. Wait a few more days.

sounds like AF is on its way though if you're spotting

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Sounds like an evap on the test (basicly the urine passes over the chemical that would normaly re act if you where pregnant and come sometimes show up the line)
If it has no colour to it then its most likely an evap.
This doesnt mean you deffiantly arnt pregnant though as evaps can happen if ther isnt enough hormones yet.
Give it another day or 2 and if af doesnt show uo retest.

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White lines are evaps hun Test again in a few days! Hope you get your bfp!! xx

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If no AF in the next couple days, you should definitely test again, but I'd wait for a bit. As close as you are to AF, you should save those tests for after she doesn't show. I hope you get your bfp.

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