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Pimple like bump on my cervix...

I was checking my cervix and felt a little pimple like bump right on the opening of my cervix. I am on clomid and metformin. I know that it could be a kind of cyst or polyp...but I'm kind of freaking out because I felt this one other time too recently...and I've had moderate to severe cervical dysplasia last year but I wasn't checking my cervix check ups have came back clear but I'm just wondering if I should call my doctor and let her know? if it is a cyst or a polyp does that interfere with TTC?? Could this be the reason I haven't conceived? Thanks for your input

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Normal. They are called Nabothian cysts. I had one for a few days after AF.

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I felt something on my cervix a couple of years ago, I hadn't felt it before and my OH confirmed that he could feel something too.

I called and made an appointment with the Doctor who struggled to see anything and then said "Oh that? That's nothing". She said it was a papule or something similar but told me it was normal.

It's definitely worth getting a professional opinion if anything is troubling you... If you don't want to get it checked out make sure you truly ask yourself if that's because you honestly believe it's nothing - or if you're scared it might be something.

I'm sure you'll get a smear done whilst you're there so that's good for a check up

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