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I'M finally OVULATING!!! now what??

been ttc 3rd child for over two years with a tubal a year ago..... have had trouble with not ovulating at all so the dr. put me on clomid.....So i finally started ovulating.... on day 19 of my cycle... i've heard soo much stuff of what positions are best concieving in and how many times to make love during ovulation..... just wanted someone to make sense of it all ????

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Yay! And Congrats on progress!! I have always heard and read that missionary is the best because it offers the deepest penetration (spermies closest to the cervix) without gravity working against you (as on top). We bd every other day until two days bf ov and then every day and then 2 days on ov day and a day after. No science behind it, this is just what I have come up with Lol does that make sense?? Good luck!!!!

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this is my 1st cycle of clomid 100 mg and just got a on cb digi opk today. Soooo....should O within 12 to 24 hours I think. My dh is a lil on the heavy side. We find him behind me works best so she can get deeper....then I just roll over onto my awaiting pillow under my hips for 15-20 min. w my knees bent up. I will let ya know how it works in about 2 weeks! GL

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