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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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cycle day 25, pg symptoms?

Hi, I'm 25. I've been tryin to conceive with my new partner 4 7months. I ave 2 kids from a previous relationship. 7 and 4. I've thought a lot of the past months that I've been pg, but then af showed. This month, I've got verrrry sore boobs! Mainly the right 1. And it feels lumpy. Been very sleepy today, some back+belly ache. A lot of bowel movements today.
I've been having tests, had s scan last month 4 pcos, but no cysts. Had prog blood test august, level 25 on cd21.
Its jus my boobs r v sore! Usually they hurt b4 af, but only wen I touch them....they started hurtin yesterday. Wen I walk, or my arm touches them.
Wot do u guys think???? I so hope I am pg!

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