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Originally Posted by DueSeptember View Post
Originally Posted by TryinFor1 View Post
I have heard it affect its but not to the point where it would be the only thing hindering someone getting pregnant. BUT, that being said, DH smokes (although he recently quit FINALLY) and I still havent gotten pregnant. But he just quit like a few weeks ago.

There are a lot of things that could be wrong I doubt it is from Weed...I have heard that it can do something to sperm but if that is the case how come my OH got me pregnant on our first try...when I have been trying for years and years with my ex Husband...It can be many things...
I'm confused by this..

I am well aware it could be other things. Thats why I said it affects it but not to the point where it would be the only thing hindering pregnancy. I have been ttc long enough to know that DH's weed smoking is definitely not what was causing our infertility. But now that my fertility issues are being seen he had to stop doing things that could contribute to infertility also, which weed CAN indeed contribute, but I dont believe it is the sole reason at all.

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thanks for your messages ladies! xxxxx

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Hi hunni maybe he needs to decide whats more important a baby or smokin weed? i hope i haven't upset you by asking this question i didn't mean too.

There is research out there on the effects of weed on sperm and very little on the effects on babies! Yes there are ppl out their who smoke weed and have children for some ppl it doesn't 'appear' to effect their fertility, has anyones OH who's a chronic user (longterm) had an SA done but i guess the true effects will be noted as the child grows!

Their are many studies on the effect of weed on the brain the physical symptoms may be short lived but long term brain damage, (i've used the phrase brain damage because the brains cells will have been killed or altered and unable to repair themselves) takes a long time for the permanant damage to show, for example mood changes, difficuity in thinking, slowed reactions, slowed speech, memory problems, behavoiral issues, paranoia and even schorprehnia!!! the lists are endless.

I think if someone wants to smoke weed thats upto them but looking at the evidence on the effects of weed on the adult brain would you want too do that to a child? If it was me i'd be thinking that if cig smoke can cross the placenter so can weed and the days of thinking that the placenter can stop all toxins crossing to the baby are no longer true and if he's smokin then so's the baby! however the choice is upto you guys.

TTc as you know is a hard journey and i hope you find ur answers and get ur bfp but plz remember TTC is also a two person jounery and the reason why a bfp hasn't happened is long and vaired. i understand your frustration as we have been trying for over a year so and lots of love and luck xx.

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