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Can results change?

Back in feb I had a full blood workup for pcos, ovarian failure, lh/fsh, thyroid and liver. The only issue was that although I wasn't anaemic I had small red blood cells but otherwise everything came back completely normal

I'm going back to my doctor tonight. Can blood tests change?

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I'm no expert, but i wouldn't have thought they could change in such short a space of time, especially for no reason. Have you had any medical problems lately? Otherwise i'd say they would still be fine.

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Since I was 16 I've had pelvic pain + sciatic pain. Doctors always blamed wear and tear at karate so I've never worried about it just took tablets when it flared. However now it radiates around to the ovary area. Had a Chem in march and July and they've caused long cycles in between each one. I'm just so confused bout it all. My bloods were normal and yet my body is weird

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My doctor is referring me for an ultrasound to look at my ovaries and tubes. Not a lap but an internal vaginal one

Outwardly she says she can't feel anything worrying but I am going back for an internal on wednesday to check my cervix. She would have done it today but I'm on day 4. I told her about charting etc and she was great. She's also said my bloods won't have changed so she will not need to test again. Yay.

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Hi Griffinh. Have you ever seen an osteopath? Osteopathy should be able to help you. It sounds as though the pains (inc the ovary pain) could be musculo-skeletal with referred pain maybe caused by trigger points. This sounds treatable so you shouldn't have to live with it.

It's good you are having an US which will hopefully rule out a gynae issue. Some GPs are pro osteo some aren't. Don't be put off if she isn't. If she is ask if she has any recommendations in your area.

Good luck

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The ovarian one may change as years go by which is the AMH. The FSH and LH fluctuate monthly. Thyroid can change also. The anemia one can definately change. So the answer to your question is yes. LOL!

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my doc says i shouldnt worry about it as no, they wouldnt be too different