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PMS but no period. Could i be pregnant?

It is also unlikely i am pregnant.

My last period started on 23rd September and i have not had it yet. I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times after that (He never ejaculated in me. Last time it was Monday of 24th October and he kind of ejaculated a little in me but i quickly wiped it off)

i took a test on Friday (4/11/2011) and it turned out to be negative. I took a test today too. (7/11/2011) - still negative.

Also, the previous months were very stressful for me. I spent quite a few sleepless nights and my diet changed drastically - i have been having fast foods almost everyday.. i am underweight too for my age (20)

I am having a lot of PMS these few days, lower abdominal pain, breast tenderness. I had vaginal discharge too and once, i noticed a brownish liquid, looks like spotting..i am very sleepy all the time and i crave for food..

i have also been experiencing pain in my knee. I have had an injection to relieve the pain and have had an x-ray done. It has been hurting a lot and still is. Sometimes it is so painful i just wish to cut my knee off. Could it have been the cause of delay of my menses?

Also my PMS are
- lower abdominal pain / i have noticed a little bloating too
- fatigue/sleepy
- mood swings
- hungry a lot

And just now i am having a running nose. Please help me.

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You could be pregnant but it's not showing up on tests yet, it could just be your period will start later than usual due to stress, good luck!

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Still, do u think i should get a blood test done?

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