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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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pcos - no periods - ttc

Hi ladies.

Im new to this but bare with me.

I've been ttc for over 2 yrs now. i got diagnosed with pcos 3 yrs ago and I've currently not had a period in over a yr. And that period was induced. before that it was over a yr again.
I've finally been referred to a specialist but its taking forever!!
I was just wondering if anyone out there is in the same situation or has any kind of advice??

I've been told i can still ovulate while not having periods but i don't no if i am so low and down at the mo.

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Hi there sorry your feeling so rubbish!! We started ttc oct 2010 and i was diagnosed with pcos aug 2011. I had a withdrawal bleed in the October after stopping the pill then nothing until may this year then one in September. So i know how you feel. Hopefully once you see the specialist things will get moving. Do you know when your going to be seen? i have heard really good things about metformin for women with pcos. It can apparently regulate your cycles and help with weight loss so i am hoping they will start me on that in Jan when i will be seen. In meantime i am taking pregnacare, agnus castus, milk thistle, echinacea and i am eating loads of fresh fruit and veg as well as exercising at least three times a week. I know its hard to stay positive but loads people manage to conceive every day with pcos and our turn will come! for just now knowing i am trying to make my body as healthy as possible in preparation for pregnancy helps to Kemp my spirits up x

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