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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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2WW and 4dpo Symptoms

1dpo cold sore started on lip, clammy hands all day.

2dpo- Could not sleep, slight moodiness, heart burn p.m.; but could be due to the Indian food I had for dinner, Clammy hands again.

3dpo- woke up with a sore throat, slightly running nose which feels kind of tingly and sore on the outside and then congestion, kind of feel like I am about to get the flu and my nipples were also really sensitive, feeling lethargic, still have clammy hands, gums are sensitive, minor headache.

4dpo- Could not fall asleep last night, up till about 3am with running nose. I woke up parched, sore throat, stuffed up nose and sore sensitive nipples and a very full bladder or at least it felt really full. Slight cramping, like period pains, about noon. Chills... Maybe I am just getting sick!! But I guess I could only wish!

Anyone else 4dpo??with symptoms??

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Mum (Mom)
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cant help you there but good luck. Welcome to BnB xxxx

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Welcome .......HUGS

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Leila Fae
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No conclusive answers for you I'm afraid but I'm 9DPO and I've got the running nose (but also a stuffy nose - odd!), sore throat and difficulty sleeping. I've been feeling lethargic too.

To be honest I think I've just got a cold but I've had a bit of (tmi) brown staining when I wipe and check my cp and the odd twinge so I'm hoping, hoping, hoping!

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Mum (Mom)
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Brown staining is good, could be implantation as I suggested in the other thread. Good luck! I also have a cold so feeling all your pain. I'm a teacher and it's going around the school, so I know it's not pg symptom, booo! What twinges? I'm getting twinges but not like AF pains!

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