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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC Help!!!

Hello everyone! So this is hubby's and I 6 month ttc and Im pretty much expecting af any day now because I have all the symptoms. My question is, Is there any way you can tell if you have low progesterone levels by your bbt chart? I'm not sure how to post my bbt chart from fertility friend but basically i have two dips post o but then they return back above my cover line. Besides those two dips, sometimes they are well above my cover line and sometimes they are just sitting on the cover line. I am however currently at 12 dpo so I would assume that's good.
So that's my first question. My second question is if anyone has used fertil aid or fertility blend, how was it for you? I'm so confused on starting it or not because I am confused by the fact that it helps balance your hormones but then you have to stop once you become pregnant. Wouldn't that make your hormone levels go back to the way they were before and then cause a possible miscarriage? Ugh ttc is so frustrating even though I know it shouldn't be. I'm just glad they have forums like this so I don't feel so alone! Any help would be appreciate it!

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i've had this question! would like to know. from all the googling i've done, if you have a clear sustained temp rise after o you should be ok. this is supposed to show a rise in progesterone cause that's what happens after o. if those temp dips only lasted a day or two it is supposed to be nothing to worry about. i also had one temp dip last month below coverline. went back up the next day. i'vejust discovered that my cheapo bbt thermometer is very innaccurate so i'm getting a new one. it never gives me the same read out, but my regular one does. as for fertilaid, you really wouldn't need to take it unless you did have a hormonal imbalance. it contains vitex, which can help people with short luteal phase and boost progesterone. a lot of times it will regulate an irregular cycle. do you have any of these problems? we've been ttc for 6+ months too, 1 chemical. it's frustrating! my chart looks right and i get + opk's and have regular cycles. we are trying bd every other day now as maybe it could be a motility issue. (we were bd every day sometimes twice a day) i've read that every other day is optimal for couples with poor motililty issues

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