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Originally Posted by taylorxx View Post
Originally Posted by Tinkerbell3 View Post
The way I understand it is as long as you don't actually get up and you just wake to turn over or for a short while and fall back to sleep to take it at the normal time.

The one I'm always confussed about is if you normally go to bed at say 11pm and take your temp at 7am but one day you don't go to bed until say 1am and then wake at 9am would you need to make note/adjust the temp? or because you've still had the same hours of sleep wouldn't the temp be fine left as it was when you took it?

Yes you'd need to adjust it. It doesn't matter what time you go to sleep or if you get 5 hours one night, and 12 the next. xxx
Thank you, that one always confussed me x

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