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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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9 weeks late and BFN

Hi ladies. I have been ttc for a little over a year now. We have tried clomid and no results. So we are trying natural at the time as we just moved and I need to find a new OB. I have PCOS. My last period was October 10th. I had a very long period then, so pretty sure I didn't O. Not positive though as I didn't temp or test. I am now 9 weeks late with extremely sore breasts since about 2 months now, occasional nausea, tiredness and occasional cramping. I always have frequent urination so not sure if it has changed any. I have taken 3 tests and all are BFN. Any suggestions? Oh and just started a new job so insurance hasn't kicked in yet and can't go to OB until end of January.

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I would try to go somewhere to get a test. Where I live there are free women's clinics... Maybe start someplace like that. I don't think I'd be able to wait for insurance
Good luck!!

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