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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I start at about 12 i useally have late OV so it gives me a few days if your not sure when they you should start how you are now good luck hope you get a bfp

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Dinky I would recommend testing twice (like 2pm and 10pm) from around say four days before you think your o date is, just so you make sure you catch it my opks went from super faint to pos within 12 hours, the lines never gradually became darker it was jus pos out of nowhere!

And re the DD - ikwym! Just temp the best you can and even if your chart is a bit rocky you'll see some kinda trend GL

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I usually start at cd8. I never o until about cd16 but I feel like I'm in control when I know what my body's doing. I just buy Internet cheepies - 6 for 40.

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Dd finally fell asleep at half 4 this morning lol. I took my temp at 9, 3 hours later than i normally do. My temp was abit high but thats because i really really did not sleep well! She is teething i think hope she sleeps tonight because ive only just started temping and i dont want to get put off it.

Ive already started using opks too! I also get internet cheapies. I get 50 for 6.40 i think it is, and i get the same amount of pregnancy tests for the same price i must have over 100 tests lol. I think ic's are great! Ill take one again today, i rekon ill start testing twice a day when the lines start getting darker. I normally o around cd14-16 but last cycle i didnt o till cd25 x

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