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And a neg. preg. test 20 dpo....UGH! I had a pos. opk 1-6, but who knows if I ovulated.. I had to get on Prometrium in Dec. to get my cycle started after being on a cycle of 60 days since Oct. Looks like I will be on prometrium again..My Ob/GYN wants me to do HSG test and for hubby to get SA done for the next step..Hopefully will get both done next month, and then if all clear will get on Clomid.
Sick with a upper Resp/sinus infection that is making me feel like POO...

Plus today was my Mom's bday, and hubby had to do dinner with them, and I was at home sick!

Trying to stay positive about things, just had to vent...Baby dust to all!

P.S Anyone else 35 and TTC number 1 !?

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didnt want to r and r darl, BABY DUST to you xxxxx

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