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7dpo, bleeding and backache!

Hi, I'm new on here, and just trying to figure out what's going on while I wait on a doctor appointment. I have a 36 day cycle on average, but not exact. AF came on Jan 2nd, ovulated about the 22nd and also had unprotected sex that day. I started getting weepy and nausiated on 5dpo and had super light spotting just once when I wiped on 6dpo. I went out and bought a test, just in case a positive would show up and I got a super thin but very blue line indicating +, but after looking it up a lot of people said they found that brand unreliable. This afternoon (7dpo) I felt a gush, like AF was here. I've had light, but red bleeding since. Not enough to fill a pad, but the cramps and backaches feel similar too. I didn't expect AF to come until Feb 7th (another 9 or 10 days)!! What do you think? Implantation, early AF or early miscarriage? I'm driving myself crazy!!

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Im on the same boat. I have no idea. I didnt o'ed this month even thouht i took soy isoflavone. Or at least didnt ovulated when i tested which was 9 of my cicle. The 21 day of cycle started spotting super light not even the size of a quarter and some cramps which i still have cramps and BFN yesterday with a pt ;(

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It could be implantation, I had that around 5dpo last time but it was only spotting but some get it a bit heavier will others dont get it at all.
Stay away from blue dyes they have such a bad reputation.
Get a pink dye and test again in a day or two, good luck

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