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I'm on the pill

Ive been on the pill and this is my second month on it. I skipped my first period but have had no spotting. My partner and I haven't used any protection since I started taking the pill. The last week my breasts have been very sore, The nipple area isn't sensitive, it's just the rest which is sore to touch. I've been feeling very tired and all I've wanted to do is sleep. Yesterday all I wanted to do was cry. Didn't know why. Today I'm getting cramp/tightenings in my lower abdomen. Could I be pregnant or is my body just playing games?

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You are supposed to use a back up birth control method your first month on the pill, especially the first 2 weeks (through ovulation). If you didn't then there's a chance you could be pregnant, but there's also a chance your body is just adjusting to the hormones in the pill. go to the dollar store nd get a pregnancy test and you can stop wondering. something like this can really go either way...we can't tell you on here if you're pregnant.

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Like the previous poster said there is a possibility that you are pg if you didn't use any back up BC since starting the pill. On the other hand some BC's trick your body into thinking its pregnant so it could be that too. I would do a test to be sure or make an appointment with your gp xx

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