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Well here were mine

Well here goes:
2dpo - Gassy, bloated, backache
3dpo - Gassy, bloated,constipation, backache
4 dpo - got woken up with sharp pains in my boob, Gassy, bloated , backache
5dpo - extremley gassy, sickness about 11am, extremley tierd, bloated, sore boobs, constipation, backache
6dpo - sore boobs, still gassy, constipation, veins on boobs, backache
7dpo - sore boobs, headache, backache veins on boobs, cramps in uterus for about half a min then nothing, sickness at 11am and again at 3pm, boobs feel fuller and mark said my nipples have gone bigger, also when he kissed me in the morning he said that i tasted pregnant (taking the p**s)
8dpo - temp dip this morning hopefully implantation, the timing is perfect FX, backache, bloated, gassy, but feeling awesome, a little tired but feel lush at the moment
9dpo - all the above but felt absolutley wonderful

10dpo -

I hope this helps

Good Luck

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not sure what 2ww is but if it means 2 weeks. I first started to notice cramps in my stomach and boobs being sore in that week i thought i was just coming on my period.
Just general feeling of crappyness.

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Originally Posted by florentinella View Post
But are all of these symptoms ALREADY VISIBLE in 2ww?

well in both my pregnancys the 2ww always bought me the dreaded CONSTIPATION that is defo something i always got in the 2ww and also sore breasts and nausea but thats just me everyone is different, not sure though if at 5dpo if u would get symptoms or not sorry x x x

hope u get ur baby dust x

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Not sure if this is useful or not....with my first pregnancy i felt sick at 6 weeks pregnant.....i was sick everyday of that pregnancy but that was my only symptom, i didnt have sore boobs or anything!! with my 2nd pregnancy i had really sore boobs about 1 week before af was due...they hurt so much that i slept in a maternity bra for weeks!! other symptoms were cramping (around the time af was due) blocked nose & the feeling of trapped wind, i spent ages walking around the house to see if i could burp! also i couldnt finish big meals.
every pregnancy is different (as i found out) so it just depends, some people dont feel any different & others have lots of symptoms straight away!

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