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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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4 DPO and still getting dark-ish lines on an OPK?..

I'm confused.
I got my first full blown + OPK Feb 22nd which was CD14 for me. CD 15, still very positive. Around CD 16 they looked as if they were getting lighter and winding down, CD 17, the lines started getting darker again.

This morning I tested again (CD 18), and same thing, still looks ALMOST +, as to where before it was a definite negative.

I've been keeping stress free for the most part. Not sure what this means though? I also did wake up with a little bit of pain in my right ovary, my guess is it is just gas.

I did also take a PG test, just in case? Negative.
I know I should've invested into that CB Digi monitor, but I figured the cheapies would be enough to help me out.

Does it take awhile to start getting noticeably lighter?

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there are 2 things I think of when reading your post: Lh goes up and down during cycles, so it woudln't be too uncommon for the lines the get darker and then lighter and then darker and then lighter. Or, you got your surge (the positive OPK) but then for whatever reason you didn't ovulate and now your body is going to try again. I'd probably keep testing just in case it goes positive again, but not worry about it if it's an almost positive, since and almost positive is a negative in OPK world.

Do you temp or anything to confirm ovulation? Has you cm dried up? (that would confirm that you did ovulate) good luck

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