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very light "watery" period, could this be a sign of pregnancy and will a test work?

Hi, I am asking here on behalf of a friend so I apologies in advance for the vague nature of my post. Basically my friend's period was a lot lighter than usual and very "watery" not like usual period blood (very vague here i know) and lasted two days instead of the usual 4. The discussion came about after I made a joke the usual "are you preggers " as she had been suffering with bad sickness and indigestion that had been waking her up in the morning at around 6am as she felt queezy but hadn't been physically sick just retching over the loo once or twice, This has been going on for the past five days and otherwise she doesn't feel "under the weather".

Oh and she says she looks (from the image she sent me her belly does look slightly distended)and feels bloated!

the question is, are these potential symptoms of pregnancy and is it worth doing a test?

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It's always worth doing a test if the possibility is there...

My best friend had 4 proper periods before she found out she was expecting, and was 21 weeks when she plucked up the courage to find out for sure - even though she had been having symptoms for a while.

I'd say there's no harm in testing...and if this is a wanted pregnancy then GOOD LUCK to your friend Keep us posted wont you?!

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Defo could be!

I would advise her to test. Any 'period' that is different from usual is usually indicative of something.

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