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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Clomid causing preg symptoms -- arrgghhh

I am 3-4 DPO, I think. 1st round of Clomid and got OPK a week ago, but BBT temps didnt start rising until Monday 10/12 (on CD19).

I am trying to stay calm and relaxed, and keep my mind from thinking about it. I had virtually no symptoms when I was actually taking the Clomid, but 1 week later I was severely bloated (gained 3lbs), and now my nipples are incredibly sore and huge.

I know this can be a pregnancy sign, but Im just not feeling it. Not liking the side effects of Clomid feeling like pregnancy side effects ... it sucks

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Clomid will definitly mess with your mind. Personally, I've decided to go the opposite extreme and just tell myself over and over its a bfn every month so I can be plesantly surprised when it does happen. I know what you mean about the clomid though, the side effects are awful!

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