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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Start of the journey...

Hi guys,

This looks a great forum.

Ok, I'm 36, getting married in May this year and starting out on the path of conception!

I've never fallen pregnant and my partner and I have as good as been trying for the last 18 months to no avail. I've had progesterone blood tests which have (so far) shown that I'm not ovulating. Additionally, the HSG has shown up scarring to my left tube.

My consultant advised me that the scarring isn't really a problem as the other tube is fine. However, the ovulation is the issue here.

After my wedding they are starting me on Chlomid and we'll take it from there.

I'm sort of excited at the moment but I'm sure I'll be nervous too nearer the time. I just plan to enjoy myself between now and then before I get down to some serious baby concentration

At the moment I can't even imagine myself pregnant. Can this really happen?

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