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Ttc Time for # 2

I'm ttc #2 I was just wondering did it take you longer faster or same as #1? I conceived 1st month with dd and just started trying again I ovulated today and dtd yesterday and will tomz! Just seeing how Lilly it is to conceive fast again? Xx

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I'm TTC#2, currently on cycle 8 - I concieved #1 on cycle 3 so this time is MUCH LONGER! it's very discouraging!

Hope you get your BFP as quick as last time!

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I can't offer much really, we conceived DS on our first cycle too (sooo super lucky!). We're only on cycle #2 this time and I'm in the TWW.
I think we were very lucky first time round I'm prepared for it to be longer this time (well, I know it might take longer, but I didn't say I was happy about it!)

Hope you are just as lucky this time round too!

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