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How to use provera


Just got back from my GP as I am currently on CD79 with no sign of AF (I have PCOS). I went to see if there is anything he could do to bring on my period, as I have soy isoflavones and wanted to try them for the second time at a higher dose before I meet with a private fertility specialist in April.

The GP didn't know anything, so I mentioned provera to him as I've heard other ladies on here mention it. I ended up with a prescription for it but he didn't really tell me how to use it.

I've googled it and tried searching on the forums and I'm still not really sure. Do I just take it for five days and then wait for AF to show up? I have 5mg tablets.

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I think you need to call the GP and ask them how much and how often and how long for they want you to take it for?? Every doctor is different. I took Provera for the frist time in Jan I was prescribed 10mg twice a day for seven days by my FS but some women are prescribed less or take it for less time. Phone and get clarification first and I really hope it works for you I also have PCOS and know what LONG cycles are like x

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