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how soon before AF does your temp drop?

I ask because Ive been feeling hot all day long. But the weird thing is that its nice and breezy outside today. Its so nice we have all the windows open!

for the heck of it, I took my temp, and it came back at 99.0! Im at 11dpo. I calculated I ovulated 3/15. I know Im not suppose to go off of regular thermometers for taking temps during early pregnancy, but i just wondered about what time period does your body's temp go down before AF arrives?

I can recall my temp going down like the day before, but didnt know if that was right or if it goes down before then?

I hope my temp stays up and we get a good outcome!

For some reason today, i was out driving around doing errons, and with all the trees now blooming new leaves and flowers, I could really smell the fresh air of spring! It made me so calm feeling and happy!

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I tempt for the first time last temp dropped on 13 dpo in the morning and I got mine that night...apparently it is different for each woman though

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