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Brown spotting for one day after 3 day late period?

Ok, well I was three days late for my period when all of the sudden I got some light pink discharge accompanied by some menstrual pains. The period gradually got a bit darker and a little heavier, heavy enough to wear one pad all day. The blood went from pink to bright red. Disappointed, I decided to take the tests I had already bought anyway. First one was in the pm, and it was negative. Second one, (my period had stopped by then) was when I first woke up, I had only glanced at it, but later found a very faint pink line. I figured since it was outside the time limit that it was no longer reliable. Well this morning when I first woke up, I took the last one. Once I had peed on it I saw a faint but noticeable grey line on it. Once again, I just threw it away thinking it was a evaporation line. Well later today I went to use the bathroom and when I wiped, I saw light brown blood on it. It was only there when I wiped and couldn't of lasted Any longer than about two hours, and then I just had my normal vaginal discharge. So anyway, I was just wondering by the slightest chance that I could be pregnant? And if not what was up with the brown discharge? It's never happened to me before. Thanks

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Hey, I'm in the same place. My period is/was 4 days late, had a second line on a test yesterday...went into shock mode and bought more tests. They came out negative. Just after doing tests I had blood when i wiped, enough to cover the tissue....if its my period its just typical!! It was waited til I wasted more money!!

I have been looking online though, if there's a chance I ovulated later than i thought then there's a small chance it was implantation bleeding. Do you think you ovulated later?

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Hey, it might also be breakthrough bleeding - so your body know it's time for af, but if you were pregnant, the hormones would have to battle with the pregnancy ones which is why af is lighter than normal. I would wait another day or so and see how things change and then take another test Good luck!

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