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ttc success stories--bfp pregnancy symptoms

i conceived and had a m/c in january, then again in march. we have been ttc for over a year. with every cycle other than the 2 i was actually pregnant, my breasts hurt before af and i had various other symptoms, before af arrived. BUT the 2 i was actually pregnant, i didn't have any symptoms at all. actually, my breasts didn't even start getting sore until probably 19 dpo.

this pregnancy was successful with the help of preseed and softcups! (i would def recommend trying softcups if you haven't, i LOVED them, it actually keeps all the little swimmers RIGHT where they need to be!)

hopefully, that helps some! every woman is different, as well as every pregnancy and cycle. my temps stayed high, and i had a beautiful triphastic curve with the pregnancy. both months we got pregnant, we weren't really trying. i know it is very hard, but the more you can relax, the better. try some alcohol! lol we did. an alcohol called "mamawana" we got in the dominican (they said it causes pregnancy) for our friend that had been ttc for years. when we got back. she sniffed it. forgot it at our house. ended up not being able to drink it because SHE GOT PREGNANT that cycle! now, she has a beautiful baby boy. so, why this didn't cross our mind to try it out until 10 months later, I DONT KNOW!!!! but we got pregnant the month during ovulation that we both took just a tiny sip! anyway, GOOD LUCK!!! we will be looking for you in the pregnancy threads!

p.s. i have only seen a few storks my entire life. and with both of my pregnancies i saw a stork at 4w1d! crazy ironic. keep your eyes our for storks! lol

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I got my "BFP" on day 27 of my cycle. At that point I only had one symptom that was out of the ordinary for PMS. It is normal for my breasts to get sore and larger when it's close to my period. Also in a normal cycle, the soreness disappears a few days before my period. The month I got my "BFP," however, the soreness was in a different location... actually, it was in additional locations and it didn't disappear a few days before my expected period. My symptoms since then have been quite mild.

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I kept getting period cramps and I had sore boobs. I always get sore boobs before AF. My period was due march 10 I tested and it was positive. I was in shock because I really thought my period was coming. I just felt slightly different in myself like I was a bit hot and not feeling well. The night before I had a bit of chocolate which tasted rancid when I usually love chocolate. I had some weird tugging in coccyx. And my period cramps started on march 3rd, I have endo so thought nothing of it. They were strong enough for me to think I was coming on and take two cocodomol! Oh yeah and my nails suddenly grew. I said to my cousin check my nails out never been so strong and nice I bet I'm pregnant but really thinking deep down it was the vitamins I was on! Nope it was a bean

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These were my general symptoms:

Really Really sore boobs, extreme tiredness (especially this time!), needed a nap in the middle of the day, moody, irritable, vivid dreams, hungry all the time, threw up after eating ONLY cereal.... cereal just makes me sick when pregnant, smells made me feel weird

This time: lots of dizziness and headrush

Previous two times: implantation bleeding at 6 weeks pregnant (but didn't get that this time)

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thank you for this and congratulations!!!

I always love a success story makes me believe it will happen xxx

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I got my BFP 2 days before AF was due this time. I kept getting twitching in my left side which made me test and honestly I almost didn't because I didn't want to waste my CB digi

I'd tested about 3 days before that on a superdrug 4 days early test (so technically it was 5 days before AF) and I passed that off as an evap it was so faint.

Now at 6+3 I'm getting nausea, headaches and extreme tiredness.

Hope that helps!!

That's the superdrug test that I took 5 days before AF, just to show how neg it looked.

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When I found out I was pregnant with DS (who is almost 3 now)... I had no idea it was coming. I had irregular cycles, and I had been told by my doc at my preconception visit that it would probably be very difficult to conceive bc I had what seemed like a lot of anovulatory cycles! One cycle would be 35, the next 47, the next 39, then 50+... you get the idea!! 9 mos later I found out I was pregnant... All we did was BD at least 3 times a week. No OPKs, no temping... I did use preseed when I felt like I started to get ewcm but I did not get much AT ALL. I waited until I was almost as far into my cycle as my longest cycle (around 54 days) to test... The line was SUPER dark. I had zero symptoms! I only tested out of pure hope. I was 5 weeks at that time... I didnt get any symptoms until 6weeks, 2days... thats when morning sickness kicked in!

anyways, I hope this helps the ladies with crazy cycles! it CAN happen! and it WILL!!

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