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Tingling itching sensation in on nipples?

they are not sore to touch they are not red they are warmt to touch ..they do seem a little bigger.its been going on all day anyone know what this might be we are ttc#4..and i have missed my period it was ment to but due the 30th of march..but i have i tend to miss a period here and there the last time i missed a period was feb..i have never ever in my life has this tingling and itchy feeling on my nipple i have tooken test to make sure im not pregnant due to missing a period are they are negatitve..anyone got any advice what this might be?it is really driving me mad

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hey hun i had really itchy nipples even before i tested with noah and my twins, i cant remember how far into the twin preg but they wer itchy then too. i hope its an early sign... good luck hun xx fingers crossed!

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Hey! I was on the pill for about a year and last month was my first full cycle off of it. My boobs grew a half a cup size and my nipples were tingling a LOT. It ended up just being hormone changes in my body, and unfortunately, not a BFP I hope it works out better for you!!!

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for you , had REALLY sore & slightly itchy nipples too , i am thinking it is because AF is due in a day or two though & not a BFP

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