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fibroids, and ovary in wrong place?

hi ladies

me and hubby have been ttc for two years now, i have a 5yr old from a previous relationship , i have history of random ovarian cysts, and on wed i went for another scan as i was getting pains again.

sonographer checked my left and that was fine, then he looked confused and told me that my right ovary has moved! it is now tucked in right beside my womb, he asked me if i have history of endo, but when i said no he diddnt elaborate?
i also have fibroids in my womb, my results will not be ready for another 10 days, and im left feeling confused and a bit worried

has anyone had similar scan results?, just looking for a bit of advise/ re assurance


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Hi there
Firstly on the ovary moving- I have had this several time. Once a radiographer told me I had no left ovary! The float about and can sometimes get tucked away out of sight, so dont worry.
I cant help on the fibroids. I do have issues with ovarian cysts, and like you suffer pain, most recently 24/7 and the pain goes into my back and down my legs.
I dont know what type of scan you had, but I have recently insisted on a MRI as it is hard to determine what types of cysts I have without one, and I am getting sick of ultrasounds every 6 mths and no improvement in the pain.
Good luck I hope you get some answers. XX

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