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AF late and BFN 😦

So my af was due yesterday .. today at the latest and nothing .. We've been dtd ever few days and I've been trying to track when I ovulated going off cm. Took a test day before yesterday and again today and nothing..zilch, not even a hint of a second line
How fustrating! !
Been having twingey pains in the left of my abdomen and now feeling abit achey .. not sure if I should think anything into this or not? ?
Anyone in the same boat?? Xoxo

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I'm in kinda the same boat. AF was due like a week ago, but my MC was 36 days ago now, no sign of AF, my ovulation seemed to go on for like a week of EWCM and fluctuating temp rises (although I only temped a couple of times this month), and I took a pregnancy test on Friday morning and also not even a hint of a second line (although I'm planning to test again tomorrow just in case).

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