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Chemicals count in recurrent miscarriage?

I just suffered a chemical pregnancy at 4w2d. I had a MMC at 10 weeks in October.

Are chemical pregnancies more common than clinical pregnancy miscarriages?

Should I count my chemical as a proper miscarriage or not?

3 miscarriages counts as recurrent miscarriage. I at that stage with 2 chemicals and a MMC. Or I have I only had one miscarriage in the 'recurrent miscarriage' sense.

Are the causes likely to be the same if the miscarriages occurred at different gestational ages?

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Hi louoscar!

If I am honest I am really not sure. They say with a chemical a pregnacy never technically occurred as an egg didn't implant properly (sounds horrible I know). We just are more aware of them today due to most sensitive tests, charting etc.
However I really think that if it keeps occurring then it def needs to be checked out. I have heard of women having multiple chemicals and they have been seen as a result. It may be worth asking your GP.
In my eyes it should be counted as a loss is a loss.
Good luck

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I was told by my doctor that 3 is the magic number before any tests can be ran. However, that 3 (at least in her practice) means 3 miscarriages, 3 chemical pregnancies, or a combination of the two. If you are concerned it is definitely worth talking to your doctor.

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Always included the chemicals when talking mc's. It is actually classed as an early mc (my friends a midwife). The eggs fertilised but your body didn't implant it.....

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