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Several chemicals in a row - early implantation- any idea what could be going on?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here could shed some light on what could be going on with me.

Basically I have been ttc since last year, only since last September trying properly.

My history is this:
October 2011 - conceived 1st month trying but miscarried @ 5 weeks
November 2011 - conceived the next month, went on to give birth to my beautiful healthy son

August 2013 - conceived after 1 night - ended in miscarraige at 10.5 weeks

July 2014 - Chemical
November 2014 - Chemical
(We were't trying but not really preventing either for these)

November 2016 - Chemical
December 2016 - Chemical
Jan 2016- possible chemical
Feb 2016 - Chemical
March 2016 - Chemical

The thing with all of these chemical's since November is that I am getting lines on first response from about 4-5 dpo. Obviously too early for a healthy pregnancy to progress. I know the dates are correct as I always ov on day 16 and sometimes due to the timings of us bd'ing it's only possible for it to be 4-5 dpo.
I normally ov on a friday or saturday and have a positive by the following wednesday! The is gets fainter.

I don't have an issue getting pregnant it seems but for some reason it is impalnting early and pregnancy fails. I can't find any information online about early implantation, everything i read says it's virtually impossible to implant before 6-7 dpo but I know that I am for sure so I feel like i'm going mad.

It's happening month after month and I keep thinking the next month will be different
I keep testing early as get the same symptoms every time on almost the same day. Writing this down I realise how nuts the whole thing sounds!

Would anyone have any insight into what could be going on?
I have an appointment in 2 weeks finally with the recurrent miscarraige clinic, really thought it wouldn't come to this but looks like it's happening now.

Thanks to anyone that's read this far!

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