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Ovulation after miscarriage?

I had an early miscarriage at 6 weeks and my doctor said it was OK to start trying. He did tell me though that it can take months to get your period back on cycle. I thought I may have had symptoms of ovulation because my face started breaking out and EWCM. Anyway, is it possible to have ovulation symptoms and not ovulate? I really want to get pregnant again right away

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I had an early loss. I was only a day or two late for my period. I ovulated two weeks later and got pregnant. That pregnancy went well. At 6 weeks it is quite likely it will throw your cycle off a little but I think it's unlikely to take months. It is still early enough that it wouldn't usually have a huge impact on your body. MC is unpredictable and different for everyone so no one can say for sure but I'd say most likely is that your next cycle will be delayed by a couple of weeks and then your cycles will go back to normal. But it could go straight back to normal (counting your 1st day of bleeding as CD1 or it could throw your body out more. I had a loss at 10 weeks and it took a bit longer to get back on track but the MC process itself was quite long and drawn out and I was quite poorly. Saying that once I got my BFN I got a positive OPK not long after. They say you can have a cycle or two of not ovulating after a MC even though your body seems to be going through the motions of a normal cycle. It took me 5 months to get pregnant again after my 2nd loss. Which seemed like an eternity but we now have 3 beautiful LOs. I hope it happens for you soon. Sorry for your loss.

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I had a loss @ 5wks 4days. I ovulated a couple of weeks after, 1 day later than normal. Confirmed with temp shift @ opk (and ewcm) x

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My first MC I had at 9 weeks (baby had died at 8). It took two full (long - 40+ day) cycles before I know I ovulated again. We got pregnant on the third cycle, which unfortunately also was lost 3 weeks ago. Hopefully it'll be faster for us this time too.

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