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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC after miscarriage then Chemical

Hi ladies,
I am new to this so sorry if I don't use all the terms correctly at first. I had a miscarriage a few months ago at 10 weeks, and last month I had a CP at only 5 weeks. But my body has me so confused this month!!! I had my CP the 8th of December, always had a normal cycle of 29 days. We decided not to try too hard the first cycle after the chemical. So I have absolutely no idea when I O'd. I had spotting from the 8th-10th of this month (January). First day was so little I couldn't even use a tampon, second and third I only had blood when I would wipe.. so this was confusing for me. Now I have nearly every symptom of pregnancy in the book, tender breasts, headaches, frequent urination, feel tired all the time, mood swings like no other, nausea, food aversions,etc. I've had two kids so I do know my symptoms well. I've had two negative tests and today I had what looks like an almost invisible positive. I don't trust it. My question is could I have ovulated so late in this cycle that I can't get a dark positive? Or am I just wanting this so badly that It is all in my head?! Has anyone else been through this? Am I crazy? I know I need to test again but I'm going to wait a few days. Sorry for the rambling! Please anyone who has had an experience, share. I am feeling so down today!

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