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Anyone whos had an ectopic, advice plz

I was treated with methatrxate 5 days ago. I was told to go to the emergency room if i "eas doubled over with pain". I am currently feeling pain on the right side but its not terrible and its better when i am resting. Is thia cause to go back to the ER?
Also anyone who has had surgery, how long was the recovery time?

I am supposed to get bloodwork tomorrow and see the doctor on Friday. Its Weds now.
Any advice is helpful, thanks.

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Iv lost my tube on boxing day, the pain was very similar to a stich but far more painful,felt like it was in my leg as well, I stayed over night, was sore for about 1 week after. I was offered the injection but as I had 3 betas which was slowly dropping they was happy for me to wait. Please go and get checked out again xx

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