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Fertility 2 weeks after miscarriage possible?

Hi everyone. I had an early miscarriage two weeks ago and I was 4 weeks along. It was a surprise pregnancy but a welcome one until I lost it. It made my husband and I decide that we want to have a baby. I heard right after a miscarriage your body is really fertile so we've been trying. For the past couple days I've been having eggwhite like discharge (tmi sorry) and I read that means I'll be ovulating soon.. could that actually happen this soon after a miscarriage??

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Yup it sure can! My SIL conceived her second son right after her D&C without a bleed inbetween. I say get to baby-making... 😁

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I'm wondering this as well, but I've read it's definitely possible. I'm having signs of O today as well, and I mc 2 weeks ago.

Guess we will see!

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You def can with an early loss for sure.
With my last MC at just over 8 weeks I had signs of ovulation just 3 weeks later. We are no longer trying for now but it's so good to know how quickly the body can bounce back! 😊

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Yes, for sure can happen! I ov.ed (and confirmed via bbt) after my first two MCs. ...not sure about this last loss, but those two i ov.ed as usual

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