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Strange miscarriage??

First, sorry for the long post and also sorry if there is TMI for anyone, I'm just very confused and I would love any insight you might have!

I am just finishing an early miscarriage and have another blood test tomorrow followed by an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday. I had an early miscarriage once before but this one was very different and I'm wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth asking my doctor for more tests?

Has anyone had experience with something like this:

I got a faint positive hpt around 10dpo, but noticed light bleeding the same day. The bleeding continued and got quite heavy 2 days later and remained heavy for 5 days. It slowed down for 2 days and then got VERY heavy for another 5 days with tons of clots. So I've had 2 full weeks of bleeding so far although it seems to finally be slowing down now.

The strange part is I kept taking home pregnancy tests and the lines got progressively darker every day for about a week (by 15/16dpo it was pretty much as dark as the control line) which leads me to think the pregnancy was still progressing even with the heavy bleeding? When the bleeding temporarily lightened the line seemed to stall, and when it got heavy again the line was clearly lighter (and has now almost disappeared).

It seems like most early miscarriages (including my first one) go more like this: A line appears on hpt, gets darker for a while and at some point starts getting lighter until it disappears AND THEN the bleeding starts.

I feel like mine was a bit out of order, and perhaps the bleeding caused the miscarriage (rather then the miscarriage causing the bleeding)? I am still casually breastfeeding my 14 month old, maybe that is keeping my progesterone levels too low? I have no idea this is very new to me I've just been obsessively googling and thats the best I came up with.

I'm getting older quickly and don't want to waste time if there's something that can be fixed.

Does anyone have any idea? Thanks very much for reading and any help!!

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It wasn't as early, but with my 12 week loss, I was bleeding for a week and a half before I lost the pregnancy. The baby passed only days before the actual miscarriage. It might be the same to some early losses too. They're all, unfortunately, very different. I'm sorry for your loss.

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