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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Second miscarriage after healthy pregnancy

I'm writing this post hoping to find some positive stories or maybe someone who went through or is going through exactly what I am. In November 2014 I gave birth to my healthy daughter. I had zero complications with pregnancy and birth. I loved every second of it. In August of 2016 we got pregnant with our second and then I miscarried in October. They said it was a blighted ovum but also my progesterone was very low at 8 weeks pregnant it was a 5. They suggested I wait 3 months to try again which was torture. So I'm February we tried again and in March I had a positive pregnancy test. They tested my levels for hcg and progesterone, everything came back awesome! Then yesterday I started some brown discharge in the morning which then turned into nonstop bleeding and insane cramps. They confirmed I was having another miscarriage at 5 weeks. I am so confused and hurt. Two miscarriages after a healthy awesome pregnancy. I feel like a complete failure and the emotional roller coaster is insane. Thank god for my awesome 2 year old to make the pain a little more tolerable.

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I'm so sorry for your losses hun
I've had 3 children followed by a chemical and 4 miscarriages including an ectopic so I'm still waiting for my rainbow.
Sending you lots of luck x

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Hi, I don't have any advice for you but you're not alone. I'm in exactly the same boat. I had our son, now 4 and half, in 2012 after a miscarriage at 5 weeks. Then we decided to try for number 2 in 2013 as I'm not young and it took us 8 months to conceive our son. I fell 1st month and couldn't believe it. Everything was great until a week before my 12 week scan. I miscarried and it was awful! Then, we tried and tried for almost 3 years now and nothing until last month, I suddenly fell pregnant again. We were ecstatic but I found out at my 7 week viability scan that there was nothing there and I was already spotting and miscarrying. I am completely distraught!! I'm almost 41 so time isn't on my side either and I just can't get over the sadness of not being able to give my son a sibling.

Anyway, just to say that you're not alone. X

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Sorry to see this TLynn .

Can't offer much advice, but I too am on the back of a third miscarriage (MC in Dec, chemical in Jan, and now needing a D&C in March).
I too had a normal pregnancy.. we did use IVF, but that was due to my husbands sperm, and we have been using the same embryos to try and get No2 from the cycle that produced our son. So all I can say is that we've been shocked to have so much trouble, after it seeming much more straight forward with our son.

Sorry you're going through something similar. It's not easy and takes all the fun out of trying to get pregnant, and being pregnant once you are .

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I'm so sorry. No happy ending yet, but I'm in the same boat. DD is just a few months younger than your son. She was born April 2015, we started trying again March 2016 and got it first try, but MC in May, then got pg again in October, but baby had anencephaly and MC him naturally right after Christmas. Had a chemical last month that I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't tested at 10DPO. Hoping we've just had a run of bad luck and this month will be a sticker.

You're totally not alone. I have a friend who had 5 MC before having two beautiful kids, so there are happy endings.

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Im so sorry for your loss hun. I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks in November after having 3 health children and pregnancies. I also had a blighted ovum in February which really added salt to the wound. I am still an emotional wreck, especially since its getting closer and closer to the due date.
I still have hope, and sometimes I struggle to remain positive but it does get better hun.

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I'm so sorry you are dealing with this.
I had 2 healthy boys, and after that 3 miscarriages in a row! In the time span of 10 months. Then waited 6 months to try again. As soon as I got a positive pregnancy test my dr put me on lovenox blood thinner injections (even though I don't have a clothing disorder). They say it helps people with recurrent miscarriage ( the aspirin didn't help me). Apparently there are blood disorders you can develop that aren't recognized yet and the thinners can help? I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant and everything looked great on my 12 week scan. I'm obviously super stressed this time around, so pregnancy is not as enjoyable as it used to be.
S x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi TLynn,

I had my dd in August 2008. We tried again in 2011, which ended in early mc. Then 6 months later we tried again, pregnant with one try, also erly mc. We left it and in November 2016 tried again only to have another early mc December 2016. I changed doctors, and will have to use progesterone, blood thinners, folate etc. etc. with the next pregnancy. My dd is also asking for a sibling, she will be 9 this year. I also have a polyp that will be removed mid-June. Unfortunately it will be right around O time so we will have to wait for July to try again. There is hope, just let them investigate as much as possible. My doctor says it's best to rule everything out to try and avoid another loss.

All the best, I can't wait to read about your rainbow.

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