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Not sure if I'm pregnant or left over hcg from miscarriage

Help please!

I started miscarrying 6th Feb I passed the sac 10th Feb. I then was found to have retained product on a follow up scan.

I had a small bleed 4th march for 2 days I had lots of period pains but only actually bled a tiny bit when I wiped a few times.

Another follow up scan 16th march showed the retained product had cleared but I was still getting a very very very faint positive test. Hospital explained it was just working its way out my system. The scan showed I had a dominant follicle ready to ovulate. I had a positive ovulation stick the day after.

We dtd the day before ovulation but not the day of or the days after.

I started getting stabbing pains 5-8dpo the same pains I got when pregnant with the last pregnancy. I did a first response test on 8dpo which was negative. I did another first response at 10dpo which had a very very faint line & ive done a clear blue test (not digital) today 11dpo which showed positive with a light line but not sure I trust the blue dye test.

The question is do you think I am pregnant? I am getting pains which I'm not sure if they are due to pregnancy or period is on its way. I am due to start my period 1st April so I guess time will tell.

I thought I wasn't ready to fall pregnant again but now I am so eager to be pregnant again x

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I also had a miscarriage earlier this month... it was my first pregnancy. Baby stopped growing at 5-6 weeks.

I was scared to have a D&C so I took cytotec (misoprostol) to induce the MC and passed the sac on April 3rd. My husband and I want to try again as soon as we can, just waiting for my period to start again. I know it can take 4-6 weeks. I took a pregnancy test today which still showed positive (I know it's so soon after MC that there is hcg lingering in my system and I won't ovulate or have a period until the hcg is almost 0).

Did you figure out if your positive test result was accurate?

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sorry for your loss, there is every chance you are pregnant hun!, I'd leave it 48 hours then take another test, that should give you a clear picture of what is going on.

Good luck. xx

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Do you have an update?

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