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Fx for a sticky bean elmum!!! Hope your appointment goes well.

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Well, sorry for the false alarm. Only got that one clear faint BFP. BFNs since then. I thought DH had a little too much for Easter dinner and are chances weren’t great this month. I was elated thinking we got pregnant anyway. I’m thinking of taking this month off from temping. Just so i can sleep in and stress less...we won’t stop “trying” but maybe just help me relax. I see a high risk doc on Thursday. It will be good to have a plan in place for when we do get pregnant again. I did get positive results from a fertility specialist- good follicle counts, 13 follicles that were maturing this month. And I’m definitely ovulating. All positive and hopeful signs.

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Old Apr 16th, 2018, 10:19 AM   1823
Mum (Mom)
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Sorry about that elmum
Good luck!

Mine are still BFN too. AF due today. I'm also not going to temp next month.. I'm finding it a bit stressful.

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Sorry to see you update Elmum.

Hope your appointment goes well on Thursday. Glad you're getting a plan in place, I felt much better once I had a plan for a new pregnancy and new what I needed to do.

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Ah no sorry elmum!! Having a relaxed month sounds like a good plan!! Xx

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