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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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ConceiveEasy - gonna try it!

ConceiveEasy kit - gonna try it!

Hi, everyone! My vitamins should be here tomorrow, and I want to just keep a log of how it affects me (if any). If you're interested in trying this with me, just Google ConceiveEasy. The first month is "free," but they get your credit card info. for automatic billing every month ($40). It comes with a basal thermometer and 20 tests (your choice of pregnancy and/or ovulation). I figured it can't hurt anything, right? It's just vitamins.

Here's my background:
34 years old
Married for almost 13 years
2 kids (conceived easily in my 20s)
1 vaginal birth, 1 cesearean due to breech position
Miscarriage at 10 weeks due to interstitial pregnancy (D&C in April 2015)
Suffering from sad, depressed mood especially this time of year
TTC for over 7 years

My fertility:
God-awful periods and colon issues
Cycles average around 34 days
Use ovulation testers and monitor cervical mucus - going to start temping
Lap dye test - tubes looked great
Slightly heart-shaped uterus (harder to get pregnant and keep pregnancy)
Waiting and praying every day for a miracle

Here we go!

I'll post updates on my general well-being, side-effects, and fertility.

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