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The soonest you can ovulate after chemical pregnancy???

Hi everyone! I found out I was pregnant with a BFP on April 5th. I had my second chemical pregnancy on April 9th and bled for four days. Having had one before, I knew what was happening but to be certain I took a HPT and got negative. I took another the last day of my bleeding, the fourth day, also negative. We weren't trying this time but we got excited. Now we are TTC.

Judging by my CM this week and cramping last night, I believe I ovulated last night on April 18th. Is that too soon to be possible?

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I would expect you would probably ovulate roughly around when you usually do. I don't know when you got AF after the chemical but if you usually ovulate around this cycle day, it's definitely possible. I wouldn't necessarily assume it would change your cycle too much if you're usually pretty regular.

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I'm not sure either... and I have a similar situation.

I'm not 100% sure but I think I had a chemical last cycle (I've had one before and it acted the same, but I never tested for a BFP)

I usually ovulate around CD33-34, but CD11 I had very creamy, lotiony CM and then at CD12 I had EWCM and cramps; not an abundance of EWCM. I took an OPK, but it had a faint line indicating I was not ovulating. However, I have only ever used them once before and really never got a positive on it. I don’t know if my LH is naturally out of whack because of the PCOS or what…

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I've had three CPs and each time I ovulated at my normal time as if the bleeding was CD1 so I would ovulate around 17-18 days after the bleeding from the chemical started

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I've had three chemicals and ovulated as I normally would as if he first day of bleeding was a normal first day of my period. Last year I had a chemical on 15th february and ovulated 1st of March, resulting in my rainbow baby boy, which is/was a normal time frame for me.

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