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Please help me understand

Just wanting some help and advise. On March 26 I miscarried, went to hospital after an hour of heavy bleeding they said not much we can do and they'd give me a scan in the morning. I left obviously heartbroken. A week later I had intense cramping and gushing blood, before that it was just like a period. Went to my doctor had scan etc he said retained tissue and sent me back to hospital. They gave me two lots of the medication to open my cervix and naturally expel at home . I took the tablets two nights in a row as instructed . It was extremely painful but a few days after I finally stopped bleeding. So in total I bled for 21 days, now I've had 10 days of ewcm and now I'm spotting.
It started on Friday and I thought ok AF is coming but it's ewcm mixed with pink blood, yesterday it was darker blood but only maybe half a teaspoon and only when I went looking for it, nothing ever came out on to the pad.
Is this my period? I should mention since bleeding stopped we resumed ttc.
I'm hoping to start clomid so I'm confused about if I should be taking it now? Or wait longer to see if bleeding turns heavy.

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I would talk to your doctor. I know that after I had a D and C, my bleeding was random for a while. I didn't get a consistent period for about 2 months.

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I'd mention it to your doctor just to make sure it's all clear now. I started bleeding again after I'd had the tablets twice and I still had some retained tissue. It may not be the case and might just be random due to the effects of the miscarriage but always a good idea to check. They gave me and internal ultrasound to check all was clear.

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