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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Just asking for some advice :)

Hello all! I'm new to this so forgive me lol This is gonna be long...
History: After about 6 years I was finally able to become pregnant last year (round last week of Sept 2016) Sadly, it ended up being tubal and had to completely remove the left tube. (Oct 14 2016) The surprising thing? I was pregnant after a year of not having a period at all! It's pretty "normal" for me to skip a couple months and sometimes no period at all. I would take a pregnancy test at least once a month usually at the end because I can't track my cycle. And even then sometimes I'd skip that because I knew it was just another disappointment. (The fun reason I knew I was pregnant: I had a dream about my mother who passed away saying the pregnancy wouldn't show. I was thinking a home test but it was the actual ultrasound that didn't show the pregnancy. I soon had another of myself telling my cousin that I was 15 weeks and figured what the heck. And BAM surprise! Though I might've been a month maybe little further if that before the D&C) Since then my periods have slowly been coming together. Cyles (1st period after surgery started Nov 4-11): 58 days, 47 days, 36 days, 51 days, and just had my last period 5/15/17 and ended the 19th.
I'm guessing I'm ovulating from my left mostly since we BD every other day or try. I know there's a chance of having the right tube being able to get it but it's a low chance. Anyway, past few days I've been having a twitch of pain on my right side. It even feels like the ovary is shuttering...or shaking..vibrating maybe? lol It's been kinda a constant thing and I'm hoping maybe this is a good sign. Been between the ovary and the right side of my belly button. My CM has never really told me anything--I've never really had the egg white kind from what I can remember. I can't tell what my body is doing to save my life lol I'm wondering if anybody has experienced this feeling during ovulation? I've been trying to track it via opk but it'll start positive at the beginning of the month, again right after my period, and sometimes a few days before the month ends so I gave up on that as well! It's just getting frustrating and it kills me when I see another negative test. I was told it'd be a mircle to become pregnant and when I finally am I have to give it up. My depression becomes worse each time and yet I still want to keep trying. I'm so ready to have my rainbow baby even though I know it might take just as long to get pregnant again...maybe longer now with one tube. If anybody has any advice I'd really appreciate it! I'm sorry for this being so long but thanks so much for reading!
PS. I have thought I might have PCOS. It's possible but I don't have health insurance either. Not unless health department would check...which I kinda doubt. Blah

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I don't have any advice I'm afraid but didn't want to read and run.

Good luck with ttc I hope you get your miracle soon ��

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