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Positive test 4 weeks after MC - BFP or leftovers?

Hi everyone!

DH and I actually aren't trying at the moment. We did BD about 2 weeks after my D&C without protection because it had been so long we just got carried away

Anyway, it will be 4 weeks since D&C tomorrow. I was testing right after for about 2 weeks, when the line got very very faint. We went on vacation and I haven't thought about testing for a while. I decided to test today just to finally see that BFN, but there is a very visible (but not super dark line). It was a different test brand, so I can't compare to before. But I really thought it would be negative since the last one I took 2 weeks ago was so faint.

I don't have any potential symptoms other than fatigue (which could still be from miscarriage), sharp, pinching feeling in my ovaries, and lots of watery CM.

Any thoughts? I appreciate it

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Depending on how far along you were I'd have expected it to be negative from your last pregnancy.

I'd test again in a few days to see if its gotten

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It could really go either way. I was still getting faint positives until a few days before af finally arrived, which was 5 weeks exactly after my D&C. My levels started to really go down quickly around two weeks and by 2.5 weeks the line was faint, but then it just stayed faint until around 4.5 weeks. I have no idea why that last bit lingered, but it did.

Other ladies have had clear BFNs by week 2 so it really is impossible to say at this point. Have you tested again since you posted? You should be able to tell by now if it has gotten lighter or darker.

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