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Originally Posted by emilydee87 View Post
Mama I'm so sorry to hear this. So sad. I just had my first pregnancy and miscarriage 2 days ago, and have found so much comfort in these boards with women going through similar sadness. Is this home doppler thing safe? Its a very very good sign that you've already had a successful pregnancy. As hard as it is right now, at least you know that your body can do it. Also, I want to add that we've been TTC for 15 cycles with no success. This was the first month I did acupuncture and we got pregnant! Maybe something like that would make the difference for you. Good luck to you, and some day this will be a distant memory of struggle and perseverance.
I'm sorry for your loss. How far along were you, if you don't mind my asking? The two times we've used Pre-Seed, we've gotten pregnant. Except that obviously we lost both of them. As far as the Doppler, it's no different than the doctors office. I used it all through my first pregnancy. If I become pregnant again, I know I'm going to become so paranoid that I will definitely use the Doppler again. I can't imagine if I went to my 1st trimester scan next week and found out then.

I hope that we can both be saying soon that our rainbow babies are on the way and that we go on to have happy healthy pregnancies.

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