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Introduction & like-buddy search :)

Hi everyone, my name is Sher, I'm 27 & I live in Alberta, Canada.
I'm a mom to an amazing little boy named Nash. He turned 2 in April. He is my absolute everything & has made my life an absolute joy.
Be that as it may, my husband & I are absolutely desperate to have another baby. We were fortunate enough to get pregnant with Nash within 2 months of trying, & last April we managed to conceive a second child without really trying much either. Unfortunately, I suffered a miscarriage about a year ago (Will be a year on the 29th) & I had a D&C on the same day. I was told to wait until three periods to conceive again, which put me at about October... however, end of October we suddenly lost my brother & I have been attributing the lack of conceiving to stress & grief that I have been working through since. I wouldn't say my husband & I have sex as often as we probably should but I'm actually pretty surprised/upset/confused as to why we haven't conceived yet....

Between my C section & my D&C I am terrified that there is too much scar tissue or another underlying reason that we have not been able to get pregnant again. My doctor has tested my thyroid & such, & all appears to be fine that way.

My cycles are 32ish days on average, & definitely regular.
I'm at a loss....

Anybody else in the sameish boat?
I would love some company along this journey....

Much love,

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