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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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hesitant to try again

I experienced my first stillbirth at 18 weeks. After giving birth i was then informed that i have A negative blood and was given the Rhogam shot, which i dont believe was ever given this time during pregnancy.
My second stillbirth was at 27 weeks. During this pregnancy, i was visiting both my obgyn as well as a high risked specialist. i was diagnosed with protein S and C deficiency and placed on heparin injections once a day. I also have high blood pressure. after having my daughter, they said that there wasnt anything wrong and that basically it was due to natural causes. So here i am 8 years later, i plan to soon have a baby however im terribly afraid to ever experience loss again especially now after reading that there has been experiments proving that the blood thinners dont necessarily avoid miscarriage . But I have a cousin who also has protein S deficiency and she was on lovenox for her entire pregnancy up to 38 weeks. Both pregnancies were successful however she has had miscarriages in the past. Does anyone have personal nowlege on this?

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